Access Control

Are your premises secure?

Who comes through your door?

Do you require special authorization for certain areas of your factory, business or plant?

Itatec has the solution.


Better than card based systems, biometrics makes sure that the person is identified and not just his card.

VF30 web
VF30 with Keyboard and Display


Stand alone readers can be loaded with fingerprints without connecting to a computer. This does mean that reports are not available. Connection to the LAN is also possible.





T5PRO fingerprint and card reader

Centralized access control is where the readers are all connected to a controller which receives messages from the readers and then unlocks the specific door if that person is allowed entry. The advantage is that it can do anti-passback which is a method used to disallow more than one entry by a person before an exit has taken place.



M5 Advanced Outdoor Fingerprint Reader
M5 Advanced Outdoor Fingerprint Reader

It achieves two things. Firstly a person cannot assist another to gain entry as he will himself need to be inside and do an exit before he can enter again. Also it will disable him from registering that he is present without going in.

The disadvantage is that people can skip a clocking and find themselves on the wrong side of a locked out entrance. Nowadays with the use of biometrics, the main reason for using anti-passback falls away as the person clocking must be present.



When large numbers of people must be enrolled, then it is best to use an enrollment reader like the UBIO USB enrollment readerUBIO, which is plugged into the USB port of a computer. The fingerprints are captured on this device and then they are uploaded to the access control reader.



UBIO USB enrollment reader




Biometric access control systems will ensure that the company’s property, networks, assets and people are effectively secure.

Doors and Turnstiless-29Titan

You block access by using a door with electric lock or a turnstile. The obvious problem with a door is that once it is open any number of people can go through. This is solved by a turnstile, but this is a more expensive solution and also may not fit into the space available. Talk to us so that we can advise on solutions to meet your specific needs